Below are links to web sites that may be of interest to Radio Amateurs. If you know of a useful link (or run your own site) please send an e-mail with the URL and,when possible, a brief description.
Just as Important if you find any of these link no longer work please let us know. I find 'dead' links a real irritation and a little consideration on you part can save a lot of other people suffering!
RMC The Repeater Management Committee. Much useful information including (but not only) details of the procedures and rules for setting up radio repeaters.
Quick Links G7KPF UK Amateur Radio Quick Links. Several hundred links of potential interest to UK amateurs.
RSGB The Radio Society of Great Britain. Good reference site with much useful information for UK amateurs.
ARRL The American Radio Relay League. The US Equivalent of the RSGB (interesting comparison). See how amateur radio operates in "..the land of the free.."
QRZ.COM QRZ.COM - loads of interesting radio related stuff....
QSL.NET QSL.NET .... - and more...
MODS.DK MODS.DK - lots of stuff about radios

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